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Sunday 18th May 2014
Tyde Duo

We were all very excited about having Tyde at The Poppy. Mike Harding had described them as "the best young band I have heard in years" and we knew they had been creating a buzz at some of the big folk festivals for the past few years. So it came as a bit of a shock when we discovered, during the week leading up to the concert, that Tyde Trio was now Tyde Duo! We did have a moment of panic, but thankfully went ahead with the concert - because as a duo they are still totally brilliant!

Tyde Duo, Seth Tinsley and Andrew Waite playing at The Poppy Folk Club.

Seth Tinsley is an excellent guitarist and has developed into a lovely singer of traditional and self-penned songs. Andrew Waite plays piano accordion with terrific energy and skill.

The first spot started with a set of tunes which they have called the 'Exploding set' after having experienced several bits of stage equipment blow-up as their shows have started. Fortunately, the only explosive thing on this night was the immediate and obvious energy we were going to see throughout much of the set.

I say 'much of the set' because in contrast to the brilliant, accurate, inventive (and often stunningly rapid) tunes; the set was punctuated by lovely slow airs. And to add to the variety, Seth took the lead on several very nicely performed songs.

It is from the songs, rather than the tunes, that I pick my highlights from the excellent show: Martha Scanlon's "Seeds of the Pine" and "Louisiana 1927" - a song about the Evangeline floods written, I think, by Randy Newman. Beautifully sung and arranged.

Huge thanks to our two 'one from the floor' singers who started each half - Jim Helliwell and Marc Block. Mark was joined in his song (Bonny Boy) by Seth, who had played guitar on Marc's recent album.

And further thanks go to our own Claire Halliday who made the very sticky and delicious cake to celebrate the club's third birthday!

A cluster of die-hard's stayed behind after the concert for a post-concert sing and play session - thank you to Milli, Marc, Bee, Dave & Julia Taylor; Phil, Julie, Dave & Claire; and Catherine Soubre.