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The Teacups
Sunday 10th September 2017

Since we first had The Teacups at the club in July 2014 the group, originally a product of the Newcastle University Folk degree course, have produced two excellent CDs and have individually extended their musical talents in collaboration with other artists. Alex Cumming has formed a duo with fiddle player Nicola Beazley; Kate Locksley is a member of the trios 'Night Fall' and 'Wychwood; while Rosie Calvert sings with 'Speldosa' and as a duo with her husband - and fourth Teacup - Will Finn. The Teacups, as a group, make a terrific sound and have an excellent stage presence - they are lovely people with a nice sense of humour and confident approach - the audience very quickly warmed to them and they, in response, gave us a top-class evening.

Some familiar and well-loved songs in the first set of the concert included 'The Bell Ringing', 'Shiny-O' and 'Ye Mariners All'; mixed with some self-penned songs and some memories of the songs the group performed for their individual degree ceremony recitals (Will's 'Man of the Earth' was excellent). Each singer took the lead vocal role in turns, showing off their individual voices.

The second set included an excellent selection of newer material, starting with an excellent John Kirkpatrick song about the Great Western Railway - 'Bright String of Pearls'; and moving on through Stan Rogers' 'Barrett's Privateers'; and the song that was, for me, the song of the evening - Kate's 'The Antiguan Graveyard'. Alex's song 'Celestial Tea'; Will's singing of 'Oxford City''; and Rosie's 'My Little Man' (dedicated to Will); were all excellent. For a well-deserved encore, their excellent and breath-taking rapper tune set was greeted with rapturous applause!

And so ended a really excellent concert of top quality singing ... and great fun!

A huge thank you to Jenny Bell & Wil Walker, and to Jim Hellewell, for giving us a song at the start of each half; and to all those who stayed for the post-concert song and music session, including Ally and Juliet, Ian Price, Julie Palmer, Phil Preen, Dave Walters, Jenny Bell, Wil Walker, Jim Hellewell, and The Teacups.