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Sunday October 18th 2015.

A good turnout of musicians and several new faces, combined with some lively singing from the regulars, to make this one of the most enjoyable song and music nights for some time. Hosts Phil, Julie, Claire and Dave were joined by a good selection of Poppy friends: Jenny Bell (with some good new songs), Harriet, AJAR, Wil Walker, Trevor Marriott, Jim Hellewell (with lively harmonica tunes), Dave Collins (The John Birmingham Cup song-writing competition winner!); and a cut-down, three-man version of Oldish Spice (with a good rendition of Sean Conney's 'John Hill').

New to the club were duo Gary & Phil who played a set of Morris tunes (Old Tom of Oxford/Cuckoo's nest) and a lovely set of slow tunes from the Orknies, on concertina and banjo. Another group of family and friends who were new to the club, performed separately: Claire played Mandolin very nicely; Maria sang a lovely song in Welsh; and Jenny - who admitted to only knowing one folk song - sang a gorgeous version of 'A Sailor's Life' (I wrote in my notes: "totally lovely voice").

Alice Wylde is an American singer of songs from her native Appalachia, and has sung at many festivals since moving to England a few years ago. With singing partner David, we were treated to fine harmonies on this fortuitous visit as the duo were passing through the area on their way home.

It was a really excellent evening with some quality singing and a good sprinkling of lively tunes from excellent musicians!