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Poppy club night, June 15th 2014

Great to see a good turnout again for the bi-monthly club night - when the entertainment comes not from the stage but from the circle of singers, musicians and storytellers who are now part of the regular make-up of the club. Excellent, too, that each time we have a song and music night we see some new faces. This night was no exception, with several new visitors to the club including: Steve & Julie,who sang very nice harmonies and accompanied themselves on guitars; Ian, with some excellent harmonica playing; Len, who sang his own songs; Tim, a very good guitarist and singer; and - our farthest traveled visitor of the night - Paul,who came all the way from Toronto just to be with us (OK, I suppose he might have had a few other things to do while he was in the country!). Paul plays concertina and sings in a group back home.

Delightful also to see Jill and Bernard Blackwell make a rare visit to the club. Jill and Bernard have been performing in the area for as long as i can remember and always give a totally professional and skillful account of themselves.

We had terrific support from our regular performers too - so many in fact that we couldn't quite fit everyone in for a second song before close of play. Many thanks indeed to you all, including Marc Block and Milli Galgut, John and Sheila Bentham, Juliet and Ally, Catherine Soubre, Anne, Harriet, Trevor, Malcolm, Andy and Dave, Steve Plowright, Phil Mountain, Corrine, Martin Gallimore, Dave Taylor (from the Seagrave club); and Dave Collins. We also had one each from Poppy club organisers Phil, Julie, Claire and Dave.

As always, there was a fine selection of songs, tunes and stories, and a great mix of traditional, contemporary and new material on show. There are always a few that really stick in my head after a club night - this time there were three: Ally Turner's beautiful singing of 'Song for Lilian'; Dave Taylor's recitation about pushchairs (yes, that's right!); and Dave Collins' clever new song 'Here's Health & Good Luck to the Nurses', which was a hoot!