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Singaround and Music Session

Sunday January 8th 2012

The first song and music session after the Christmas break - would anyone turn up? Would the regulars be flaked out in front of the TV finishing up the leftover booze and chocolates? Well, no, as it turned out it seems everyone has made a New Year's resolution to go to a folk club in 2012 - let's hope this is one resolution that doesn't fall by the wayside!

The first visitors arrived not long after 7pm while we were still putting up the notices and setting out the chairs. By half-time we had somewhere approaching 60 people in the room! There was an encouraging array of new faces as well as lots of folks who are now our regulars, and a really broad spread of musical talent. I reckon we had about 25 different groups, singers and musicians who were keen to do a spot for us, including several sets of session tunes, solos on guitar, harmonica tunes, flute, melodeon, fiddle, singer/guitarists, two part harmony singing, and even an excellent Barber Shop quartet (Quercus Minor if you want to catch them somewhere). So, another terrific night - and well done to Phil for getting everyone on twice on such a well-attended night. Long may it continue!