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It was good to see a few new faces at the club for the February sing and play session. Leicestershire duo and club organisers Dave and Julia Taylor had been to January's Folk Day and returned tonight to try out the club in its bread-and-butter form, singing 'Songbird', 'One April Morning' and Dave's own rant against capitalism 'Greedy Bastards All'. New faces 'Old-ish Spice' dipped their toes in the folk club waters with sixties songs from the Beatles and the Kinks, and a singalong 'King of the Road'. Passing through en-route from a morris weekend, Steve Butler and Fran Bing played some rattling good sets of tunes on accordion and melodeon; while another newcomer, Barbara Ross, gave us a beautifully sung 'Shule Aroon'.

Regulars at the club did us proud again, with Annie Smith, Dave & Andy, Ally & Juliet, Fred, Trevor, and Ann all singing for us; ably assisted by the organisers - Dave Walters brought out his Ukulele for the first and hopefully not last time, Claire played with her usual skill, and Julie sang Jon Boden's 'Wood Smoke in the Valley'.