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Sunday 17th April 2016.

Club Night ' April 17th 2016

Another excellent turn-out and some lovely singing and playing.

Big thanks go to everyone who made it so special: the Poppy Crew ' Dave, Phil and Claire (Julie wasn't able to make it this time); our brass and double bass duo Dave & Andy; Derby visitors Steve & Julie; regular local trio AJAR; Ian Price, Jim Hellewell, Trevor Marriott, Catherine Soubre, James Strawbridge, Wil Walker, Jenny Bell, Jan Robertson, Malcolm Goodall, Yvonne Dreyer and Marc Block. It was great to welcome back David and Janet Coleman, and good to see Poppy first-timer Chris Chambers. Another newcomer with a lovely voice was Terry - I'm really sorry I didn't get Terry's surname.

It was an evening of lovely contrasts and styles, with some stand-out moments. Ian Price surprised us with a song he had written himself ' 'So Cold the Rose'; Jenny Bell had another new song (about the Lincoln Imp) to add to her ever-growing output; Jim and Chris (two parts of The Strawberry Jammers) played a couple of great, lively tune sets; as did Wil Walker; while Claire played sublimely, as usual!

Among my favourite moments were Chris Chambers' excellent slide guitar accompaniment to his singing, and the excellent voice of Terry on his rendition of 'What's the Use of Wings'. Janet Coleman's 'My Young Man' was also particularly lovely; and Steve and Julie's song about the Derby Beer Festival was very clever with a terrific chorus.