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Songs and Music night - 21st October 2018.

October’s club night brought a very pleasant evening of music and song. The Poppy team of Phil Preen, Julie Palmer, Dave Walters, Mary Smith, Juliet Woodin and Ally Turner were joined by a few new faces and a good few instrumentalists and singers.

Ally and Juliet mostly sang with Ric as AJAR, and we heard songs from (first-timer) Will Richardson, Jenny Bell, Trevor Marriott, Ian Price, Samir Goswani, and Marc Block. Marc is recording a new album and is looking for crowdfunding to help with the project. He also managed to fit in a song featuring the day’s date (Nelson’s Death and Victory) – “On the twenty-first of October at the rising of the sun …”!

We were also fortunate to have several instrumentalists with us, and we had tunes from accordion duo Wilma and Leslie, melodeon player Catherine Soubre, and ace fiddle player Wil Walker. Some lovely Spanish guitar tunes too (with some interesting background information) from another newcomer, Jim.

Phil ran the evening well, and most of those present got to sing or play three times. An excellent night with lots of variety.