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Moirai - Sunday 13th November 2016

Moirai are a new group, formed in 2014 from the collaboration of the multi-talented Jo Freya, Derbyshire star Sarah Matthews (no stranger to the club!) and melodeon wizard Mel Biggs. Indeed, their first public appearance was as part of the 2014 Poppy Folk Day, where they gave a sparkling performance! With two years of development and a CD under their belts (and another on the way!) we were delighted to have them back for a full evening concert.

The group have extended their repertoire considerably since those early days, and all members of Moirai have contributed material of their own to produce a lovely range of songs and tunes. They all contribute to the singing and, between them, play flute, clarinet, whistles, soprano sax, tenor sax, fiddle, viola, guitar and diatonic accordion - that's quite a line up!

Starting with two bourees (Chassepain/Baudimic), several pairs of tunes were included: 'Muna & Mimi / Steve Fisher's tune', 'Peter's Pub / Pull me a Pint' (Jigs), 'Ufton Court / All Saints' (two lovely swirling schottisches), 'Half Maid / Italian Mix', and more.

Songs included the lovely 'Rolanda's Grandmother' (with Jo on vocal); the bouncy and funny 'Twiddles' ('twiddly-i-di-dum') and 'Magpie Sitting on a Broken Chair' (both sung by Sarah); and a lovely acapella version of 'Doffing Mistress' with background information provided by Corinne Male who had researched the song.

More humour came in the form of 'Dust if you Must' and 'B&B Welcome', and with their encore of 'Sideways' (the title track of the group's first CD). As their web site very correctly points out: "Many bands can do beautiful music, many bands can do comedy, many focus on instrumentals others on their vocals, here you get it all in one tight but fluid package". Quite right - they were brilliant!

To start each half of the show we had songs from Doug Eunson and Corinne Male - thanks go to both of them. Thanks also to Phil, Julie, Dave & Claire (from the club) and to Juliet Woodin, Marc Block, Ian Price, Jo Freya, Corinne Male (with Sarah Matthews), Steve and Julie Wigley, John Whitelaw and Jenny Bell - all of whom stayed to sing in the end-of-evening singaround session.