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Lady Maisery - 14th May 2016.

Poppy Folk Club Fifth Birthday Concert: May 2016

Exactly three years from their first visit to the Poppy Folk Club (May 2013) we were delighted to welcome back Hannah James, Rowan Rheingans and Hazel Askew to help us to celebrate our fifth birthday! All excellent musicians in their own right, the big feature of Lady Maisery is their superb harmony singing as a trio.

First up was an example of the unusual 'diddling' style of mouth music they do so well, on a pair of tunes: an Estonian Flat-Footed Waltz followed by Ellen's Trall (a Swedish Polska). Later, the same style was used for a version of Constant Billy - fascinating and lovely!

More delights followed: Sidney Carter's 'Crow in the Cradle' and Leon Rosselsen's 'Palaces of Gold' being stand-out songs. Hazel's own composition 'Father's Lullaby', and Rowan's lively 'Sing for the Morning' were also excellent! But the best harmony singing of the night, for me, was on the gorgeous 'The Colour of Amber'.

To finish the concert, a medley (Bagpipers/Sheila's 70) combined three voices with harp, fiddle, accordion and feet!

It was a lovely concert of highest quality singing and musicianship - and some lovely feedback from members of the audience told us they had enjoyed it as much as we had.

A big thank you to Julie Palmer and Claire Halliday for their spots to start each half of the concert - and to all those who stayed for a lovely little after-concert singaround. Club organisers Phil, Dave, Julie and Claire were joined by some great singing and playing from Dave and Julia Taylor; Wil Walker, Alistair Bloomfield, and newcomers Ken and Tony.

An excellent 5th birthday - now on with the next five!