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Lady Maisery
Sunday 19th May 2013

Lady Maisery are three very talented young women, each having their own successful careers in other musical collaborations. Hannah James has found fame with Kerfuffle and in a duo with Sam Sweeney; Hazel Askew is one half of the Askew Sisters and the harpist with The Artisans; and Rowan Rheingans sings and plays fiddle in the duo Fidola. As Lady Maisery they have received much critical acclaim with their exciting vocal harmonies and traditional 'diddling'and 'tralling' styles of singing; but they are all great instrumentalists too, and the tiny stage at the Poppy was full to bursting with accordion, harp, fiddles, concertina, banjo, and fascinating Ban-sitar!

It was a special concert for the club's second birthday night, and the delightful trio were also celebrating the release of their second album 'Mayday'. They sang and played a selection from Mayday and from their first album, Weave and Spin, as well as some unrecorded material. Highlights for me were Leon Rosselson's 'Palaces of Gold' and Sydney Carter's 'The Crow on the Cradle' - the latter featuring some truly stunning harmonies. Percussion, where needed, was usually provided by Hannah James, who is a top flight clog stepper in her own right (you might have seen her with the Demon Barber Roadshow) but here provided some lovely subtle sounds from her feet while seated and singing or playing the accordion!

The sell-out audience had a concert to remember - a real birthday treat!

A big thank you to Marc Block for the opening song in the first half; and Claire Halliday for the melodeon tune that opened part two. Many thanks too to the small but select band of insomniacs who stayed behind after the concert to sing songs and play tunes: Nick Murphy, Wil Walker, John and Sheila Bentham, Pete Burnham, and our very own Phil, Julie, Claire and Dave.