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Grannys Attic - Sunday 17th July 2016

Since their early beginnings as a school student band in 2009, Granny's Attic have gone from strength to strength, releasing their first album (Better Weather) in 2013 and being nominated for the BBC Young Musicians of the Year in 2014. Their second album, 'Off the Land' was released in August 2016.

Lewis Wood plays fiddles and mandolin, George Sansome plays guitar and sings, and Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne plays melodeon and concertina and also sings. Together, they play a mix of traditional music and songs, along with some new compositions - mostly written by Lewis.

Their music is confident and exciting, and their musicianship is excellent. George and Cohen are strong singers and some of Lewis's tunes are beautiful pieces of work.

Among a great selection of traditional songs (Poor Old Man; The False Lady; Horkstow Grange; The Death of Nelson; and more), were some excellent tunes - most memorably the lovely 'After the Floods' - a Lewis Wood tune and my highlight of the concert. The band's brilliant and lively performance ended with the group's rousing song 'Away to the Southard' and a well-deserved encore of 'Paddy on the Railroad'.

Big thanks go to Wil Walker and Bill Wilkes for their tune and song to start each half of the concert; and to Dave, Phil & Julie, Wil Walker, Ian Price, Allison Turner, Juliet Woodin, Rick Dyzon, Bill Wilkes, and Marc Block, who stayed for a nice post-concert singaround.