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Booking Policy

The Poppy Folk Club usually puts on approximately six concerts a year. There are hundreds of excellent performers out there, which is great for us, as it means we have a huge range of artists to choose from. However this does mean that we have to turn away the vast majority of people that contact us to ask for a booking. This is not a very pleasant thing to have to do. So to avoid this problem we would very much appreciate it if you could try to resist contacting us, and instead wait for us to contact you.

If you are a performer or group that we believe would go down well with our audience, the chances are we will eventually be in touch.

We don't usually have support spots at our concert nights as we end the evening with a singaround and music session. This means we are rarely able to offer showcase spots for new or up and coming artists. The exception is our folk day when we generally try to showcase local artists, especially those who have been supportive of the club.

Of course everyone is welcome at our singaround and music session nights. We make sure all present get a chance to sing or play if they wish, and generally most people get at least two songs.

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