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Sunday 17th December 2017

Christmas Party

As has become the Poppy tradition, the Christmas Party night is essentially an opportunity for our regular floor singers and visitors to have their turn on the Poppy stage. There are no rules and folks have, in the past, sang Christmas carols and songs, told jokes or recited monologues, some serious, some silly - anything goes!

This year we have songs from AJAR (Ally, Juliet and Rick), James Strawbridge (always a bit different!), Phil Preen, Dave Walters, Juliet Woodin, Yvonne Dreyer, Trevor Marriott, Ian Price, Jenny Bell with Wil Walker on fiddle accompaniment, and a very welcome spot from Jill and Bernard Blackwell. A first-time visitor, Maureen, also braved the stage to sing some of her own songs for us.

We also had tune sets from Claire Halliday and from Wil Walker (with a solo morris jig thrown into the mix).

Speaking of morris dancing, we also had a short interlude from the (also now traditional) Poppy Morris Team - basically any morris dancers who happened to be present on the day with a very special guest appearance from Father Christmas himself!

Topping and tailing the evening we had a selection of traditional Village Carols, sung by the 'Lowd Harold' Singers - a group of singers from Poppy Folk Club and the Castle Donington area who joined forces a couple of years ago to sing carols at events at Lowdham and Staunton Harold.

All that, and mince pies too! A nice end to another successful year at the Poppy Folk Club. We hope you can join us in the New Year when begin another excellent season of concerts and club nights.