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Chris Wood
Sunday 24th January 2016

One man, one guitar, and some of the finest song writing you'll ever hear! The way Chris Wood can sing a story has his audiences enthralled, and his beautiful guitar arrangements just take the whole thing to a very special level. There are no wasted words: every word carefully counts. His arrangements of traditional songs are no less special, with those songs blending seamlessly with his own. Fascinating to hear his take on 'Jerusalem' and 'While Shepherds Watched', while his arrangement of 'Cold, Haily, Rainy Night' (originally performed with the Imagined Village) is now almost the default version.

But it's his own writing that has the real bite, with songs like 'None the Wiser', The Sweetness Game', 'The Cottager's Reply', and 'My Darling's Downsized' standing out in a brilliant set. But rising above all the rest, his award winning song 'Hollow Point' is still my 'go to' song when I choose to listen to one of his recordings, and his performance here sent a shiver down my spine - riveting!

It was a packed house, and a terrific concert. Many thanks to Jenny Bell and Paul Carbuncle for their songs to start each half of the concert, and to Phil, Julie, Claire and Dave; Marc Block (with an excellent 'Hotel California'), Yvonne Walters, Ian Price, Lyn Cooper, Bill Wilkes, Juliet Woodin, Russyn Cast, Paul Carbuncle and Darren Rushin for their singing and playing in the post-concert session.