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Brian Peters
Gordon Tyrrall
Sunday 17th March 2013

I had seen Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall perform individually, and very impressively, but tonight they were going to be a rare performance as a duo. Brian is a legendary player of the melodeon and Anglo concertina, and a fine singer; Gordon is an outstanding guitarist, as well as an excellent singer and flautist.

Through two excellent sets we were treated to an excellent variety of songs and tunes. First off was a Hampshire version of the Wild Rover, then a set of slip-jigs with Gordon playing flute, followed by a beautiful song 'Heaven while I'm near thee' based on a John Clare poem. Songs collected by Percy Grainger, Harry Cox and Walter Pardon ensured the English Tradition was well catered for, while to add to the variety Brian played an Anglo concertina version of Lennon & McCartney's 'Things we said today'. Back to the tradition with a set of hornpipes from the Frank Kidson collection, and a set of Scottish tunes; before the highlight of the night for me - recently deceased Michael Mara's 'Constable the Clock'.
The crowd begged for more, and the duo performed 'Swansea Town' for an encore.

Thanks should also go to Julie Palmer and Corinne Male for their songs from the floor to start the two halves of the concert.

As always, a good number of concert-goers stayed behind for an hour or so of songs and tunes in our sing and play session. Music and songs came from: Dave Collins, Catherine Soubre, Corrine Male, Pete Hollands, Claire Halliday, Dave Walters, Phil Preen and Julie Palmer; and an extra one each from Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall (by special request, my favourite - Lovely on the water).

Another success!