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facebook Sunday 23rd May 2021
10th Birthday celebration ONLINE

Another successful Zoom event to Celebrate the poppy Folk Club's 10th Birthday.

Claire Halliday - Poppy's very own melodeon marvel

Greg Russell - the last guest to sing live at the Poppy!

Ian Price - pricking our social consciences

Dan Walsh - banjo genius!

Dave Walters - Poppy stalwart, whatever that means!

Marc Block - long-time friend of the club - a terrific singer and songwriter

Brian Lund and Richard Williams - Nottingham duo singing about Nottingham's delights

Jim Hellewell - another great friend of the club and a fine harmonica player

Julie Palmer - club founder and guiding light of the club since the beginning, singing from Somerset

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - twice guests of the club with their unique blend of instruments

At about 8.25 we'll broke for cake and birthday drinkies before moving swiftly on with:

Sarah Matthews and Doug Eunson - probably the Poppy's most frequent guests and greatest supporters.

Wil Walker and Jenny Bell - fiddle, guitar and Jenny's excellent songs

Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne - powerful voice and melodeon/concertina from Granny's Attic.

Wilma and Dave - Wilma is Poppy's newest committee recruit.

Hugh Miller - with his ... Trio?

AJAR - Ally, Juliet & Rick - almost our resident band.

Claire Halliday - we've not seen her for a while, so here's some more!

The Poppy Crew - old and new - sing us out with John Ball! (Recorded in Somerset and Nottingham)