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facebook Sunday 16th February 2020
Singaround and Music Session

There was a bit of a ‘Battle of the Bands’ feel about the February singaround/music night, with several groups in attendance and a lovely bit of collaborative mixing and matching. Joining Poppy regulars ‘AJAR’ were the full set of Higgs Bo’sun particles (admirably led by Norman Orde Randall); The Cellotapes (featuring Folk Day 2020 performer Terry Maxwell, with AJAR’s Rick Dizon and Higgs’ Dave Martin!); and a large part of Stringummyjig (Noel Walters, Phil Mountain and Mick Jackson). Terry Maxwell and Dave Martin also joined AJAR for a couple of songs, and there much much joining in and general swapping about between singers and bands.

Then there were the duos: Wil Walker and Jenny Bell (and both solo too, for good measure); Helen and Chris Morris; and David and Janet Coleman all making a lovely sound. Helen Morris’s ‘Plaisir D'Amour’ was superb!

It was good to see and hear Mili Galgut again, singing and playing solo as well as with Juliet Woodin. Trevor Marriott, unusually, sang a couple of nice unaccompanied songs, and the rest of the solo performering line-up comprised Samir Goswami, Dave Walters, Malcolm Goodall, the inimitable James Strawbridge, David Nicholson-Cole, Alan Price (no, not that one!), Paul Graham, Wilma Young (a singing debut!), and of course Ian Price, who was the Master of Ceremonies for the night.

Specific highlights for me were Stringummyjig’s ‘The Snow it melts the soonest’, Higgs’s ‘Bonny Gateshead Lass’ and a trio of Richard Thompson songs (‘Withered and Died’ from Stringummyjig; ‘Old Thames Side’ from Dave Walters; and a lovely ‘Dimming of the Day’ from AJAR’s Allison Turner. But the real take-away from the night was the excellent mix of styles, voices and collaborations that made for a friendly and fun evening! Thanks to everyone who contributed!