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facebook Sunday 17th November 2019
Singaround and Music Sesion

For the last singaround/music night of the 2019, the Poppy Crew tonight were Ian Price, Dave Walters, Juliet Woodin, Allison Turner, Mary Smith and Wilma Young. After making a fine job of leading the post-concert singarounds a couple of times this year, Ian was handed the M/C reins for the night.

Poppy regulars and friends joining on this occasion included Jenny Bell, Patrick Shore, Samir Goswami, Helen Morris and Chris Morris, Rick Dyzon, Nigel Bull, Yvonne Dreyer (long time, no see!), and Sheila; while our good friends from the Derby/Burton clubs ‘Stonesthrow’ (alias Steve and Julie Wigley and Tony Fowkes) made a welcome visit.

We also had some new faces to Poppy singarounds: Dave and Mary’s friend, John Whitelaw, came to buy a concert ticket and was persuaded to stay and sing; while Sheila’s friend Annie, at first reluctant, relented and gave us a song. Good to have Andy and Lynn Victor, from local band ‘The Corndodgers’, with us for the night – both good singers, while Andy has written some fine songs too.

With Juliet, Ally and Rick performing as ‘AJAR’; and Steve, Julie and Tony singing as ‘Stonesthrow’; as well as a few duets (Helen and Chris, Wilma and Juliet, Sheila and Annie, Dave and Tony), there was plenty of variety on show.

Well done to Ian Price for running the evening in his own unflustered style and getting around the room near-enough three times. Excellent – you’ve got the job!

Event starts 7:30pm