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On a concert night the doors will usually be open from 7 o'clock and the performance will start at 7:30pm. Note that unlike some other folk clubs, we generally have just one song from the floor to start off the evening, so please ensure you arrive before 7:30 to avoid missing the start of the concert. Instead of starting the evening with club singers, after the second spot from the guest artist we continue with a singaround and music session for those wanting to stay on late.

The next Concert event will be Dan Walsh on Sunday 13th March.

Reviews of previous Concert events:
Sherburn Bartley Sanders on Sunday 23rd January 2022.
Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews on Sunday 12th December 2021.
Ben Robertson and Phoebe Rees on Sunday 17th October 2021.
Alice Jones on Sunday 18th July 2021.
Christmas ZOOM! on Sunday 13th December 2020.
CANCELLED - The Road To Peterloo on Sunday 11th October 2020.
CANCELLED - Alice Jones on Sunday 19th July 2020.
CANCELLED - Dan Walsh Trio on Sunday 17th May 2020.
Danny Pedler & Greg Russell on Sunday 19th January 2020.
Sam Kelly Trio on Sunday 20th October 2019.
Will Pound on Sunday 19th May 2019.
Dave Shepherd and Anna Pack on Sunday 16th September 2018.
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer on Sunday 15th July 2018.
O'Hooley and Tidow on Sunday 21st January 2018.
Melrose Quartet on Sunday 19th November 2017.
The Teacups on Sunday 10th September 2017.
Greg Russell on Sunday 18th June 2017.
Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews on Sunday 21st May 2017.
Mick Ryan and Paul Downes on Sunday 22nd January 2017.
Moirai on Sunday 13th November 2016.
Jez Lowe on Sunday 11th September 2016.
Granny's Attic on Sunday 17th July 2016.
Lady Maisery on Saturday 14th May 2016.
Chris Wood on Sunday 24th January 2016.
The Urban Folk Quartet on Sunday 15th November 2015.
Mike Wilson and Damien Barber on Sunday 20th September 2015.
Nick Dow on Sunday 19th July 2015.
Cupola : Ward on Sunday 17th May 2015.
Jeff Warner on Sunday 15th March 2015.
Wendy Arrowsmith on Sunday 23rd November 2014.
The Young 'Uns on Sunday 21st September 2014.
The Teacups on Sunday 20th July 2014.
Tyde Duo on Sunday 18th May 2014.
Dan Walsh on Sunday 19th January 2014.
Brian Dawson on Sunday 17th November 2013.
Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham on Sunday 17th November 2013.
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan on Sunday 15th September 2013.
Andy Cutting on Sunday 21st July 2013.
Lady Maisery on Sunday 19th May 2013.
Brian Peters and Gordon Tyrrall on Sunday 17th March 2013.
Anna Shannon on Sunday 18th November 2012.
The Wilson Family on Sunday 14th October 2012.
David Gibb & Elly Lucas. on Sunday 10th June 2012.
4 Square on Sunday 11th March 2012.
Bryony Griffith and Will Hampson on Sunday 19th February 2012.
Lucy Ward and Six Hands In Tempo on Sunday 16th October 2011.
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer on Sunday 17th July 2011.
Opening night with Cupola on Sunday 15th May 2011.