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Dave Walters

My first encounter with folk music was as a regular visitor to the Nottingham Traditional Music Club (NTMC) in the latter part of the 1970s. Before that I had only really been interested in rock and pop, which in the late sixties and early seventies was in great form. Cream, Free, Groundhogs, Hendrix, Beatles and Stones - but I suppose a liking for Cat Stevens and James Taylor were a clue to a developing interest in something a little more folky. It was Folk-Rock, hearing Fairport Convention and, especially, Richard Thompson, that really opened my Folk account. Thompson has been my favourite singer, songwriter and guitarist ever since.

Not seeing myself as having any musical skills, I decided to try dancing and joined Dolphin Morris Men in 1985 - and still dance with them today. It was Dolphin members who encouraged me to try singing, so now you know who to blame! I've since developed a great love for all forms of traditional and contemporary folk music, but with a particular liking for the words of well-written songs. I love singing!

As well as the Poppy Folk Club, I am a regular visitor to the Grand Union and Tiger folk clubs, and usually manage to pull in a few festivals each year if I can.

Away from music, I live on my lovely narrowboat, Andante, (curently moored near Loughborough) and I'm a vintage vehicle enthusiast and an avid listener to Test Match Special!